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BlogTV Maths Quiz - Must PSLE Maths Paper have to be that hard?

My son, Alfred & I was on the show, while my 2 daughters & another friend's son was there to see how this wacky & fun programme was produced.

They enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun with the producers and show hosts.

Catch some of our photos here ...

Below are the quiz questions that were given to 31-yr old Mathew and a 12-yr old Darryl.

Get your pen and paper, and don't forget your calculator .....
You have 40 minutes.

Are You Smarter Than A 12-year-old?

For those of you who missed last night’s episode of BlogTV, you missed the great fun we had playing “Are You Smarter Than A 12-Year-Old, where 31-year old private banker faced off with a 12-year-old school boy.

10 questions, 40 minutes later, the 12-year-old boy emerged triumphant, having answered 4 questions correctly. The 31-year-old banker managed only 1 correct question.

So do you think you’re smarter than a 12-year-old? Here are the 10 questions we posed to our two wonderfully brave contestants.

Bryan invited 20 more boys than girls to a party. 3/4 of the boys and 2/3 of the girls came. 19 people didn’t come. How many people did he invite?

Of the visitors in a museum, 40% are children, 3/4 of the adults are women.
a) what is the ratio of children:men:women.
b) the second day, children number increased by 20%, adults number remain the same but women is 3/5 of adult. if there are 336 more children than women, how many visitors on second day

The figure below, not drawn to scale is made up of a big circle, two semicircles, two quadrants and two squares.
a) Find the perimeter of the shaded figure
b) find the area of the shaded figure

A millipede is climbing up a wall. For every 3cm it climbs, it slips by 1cm. It takes 3 seconds to climb 1 cm and 1 second to slip by 1cm.
a) How far would the millipede have climbed after 1 minute?
b) How long would the millipede take to climb 56cm?

There are red and green beads in a bag. When 75 green beads are added, the percentage of red beads decreased from 30% to 20%. How many red beads are there in the bag?

Kavita had 50% fewer erasers than Mark. After Mark gave 15 of his erasers to Kavita, Kavita had 40% fewer erasers than Mark. How many erasers did Kavita have at first?

The ratio of Ryan’s pocket money to John’s pocket money was 3 : 2. After Ryan saved $15 and John spent $8, the ratio of Ryan’s pocket money to John’s pocket money was 3 : 1. How much money did Ryan have at first?

Shop A has 156 kg of rice. Shop B has 72 kg of rice. After both shops sold an equal amount of rice, the ratio of rice that shop A has to shop B is 4:1. Find the amount of rice sold by each shop.

6/14 of the chairs in a hall are in rows of 13. Half of the chairs are in rows of 7. There are 112 more chairs in rows of 7. The rest of the chairs are stacked up. Find the total number of chairs.

Tank A is filled with water to its brim. Water is then poured from Tank A to Tank B until both share the same height. What is this height?

Scroll down for the answers.

You are sure you want to see the answers? Have you tried your absolute best? Have you? Really? Okay, okay. Here you go:

68 people were invited

a) 8:3:9
b) 3024 visitors

a) 125.6cm
b) 192.5cm squared

a) 12cm
b) 4min 36 sec

There are 45 red beads in the bag

Kavita had 120 erasers at first

Ryan had $39 at first

Each shop sold 44 kg of rice.

There were a total of 1568 chairs.

The height of the water is 25 cm.

So how many correct answers did you manage?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Average height of children Question - PSLE Maths 2009

Average height of children Question

The average height of some children was 139.4 cm.
The height of one child was recorded wrongly as 129 cm.
His correct height should be 192 cm. As a result, the correct
average height of the children was 142.4 cm.
How many children were there?

Solution :

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kettle Discount (Percentage) Question - PSLE Maths 2009

TEAM Question - PSLE Maths 2009

TEAM (Angle & Line) Question

Which letters from the word T E A M as shown below consists of perpendicular lines? [2]

Solution :

Ans : The letters T, E and M

Divide 3 squares into 4 equal parts - Challenging Maths - P6

Came across this question ..... by "kkhing"

Question :

The figure below consists of 3 squares.
Divide the figure into 4 equal parts.

Do post your answer here ..... Will post solution by Sunday 18 October 2009.

Aston Low & Wishboy managed to solve it already.

Looking for the answer .... it has been moved to :

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ballon Question - PSLE Maths 2009

Question (Balloons)

String of 2 big balloons is 90cm.,
String of 5 small balloons is 1.2m.,

If both strings are of the same length, there would be 105 more small balloons than the big balloons.

How many balloons are there altogether?


Coming soon ....

Cookies Question - PSLE Maths 2009

Question (Cookies)

Sally baked some cookies to sell.

3/4 of them were chocolate cookies and the remaining were almond cookies.
After she sold 5/6 of chocolate cookies and 210 almond cookies, she had 1/5 of the cookies left.

How many cookies did she sell?

Solution :

Coming Soon ....

Give it a try ....

Curry Puffs Question - Maths PSLE 2009

Question (Curry Puffs) :

Curry puff shop sells puffs at $0.80 each.

Offer: Buy 3 get the 4th at half price.

If customer has $50, how many puffs can he buy if he buys as many as he can?

Fraction of shaded squares over total area ABCD - PSLE Maths

Fraction of shaded squares Question

ABCD, EFGH and IJKD are squares.
AE : EB = CF : FB = 2 : 1
I and K are mid-points of AB and CD respectively.
What fraction of the whole figure are the shaded parts?
(4 marks)

Solution :

It's important to view fraction of each of the shaded area over the same overall base.

(Solution .... Do you agree with the answer?)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Journey has just begun

Parents & Students,

Hope that the dusts from the uproar of the PSLE 2009 Maths, Science & Chinese paper have settled somewhat by now.

With all the media coverage and netizens voicing out, I'm sure the relevant authorities are hearing us loud & clear. And we do hope that they will listen and review.

Well, with the passing of one major phase of the lives of our children, it would be wise to prepare them for Secondary School.

My daughter got into Secondary 1 last year, and the increased in the number of subjects, and the expectation for them to do a lot more self studies by themselves, makes the switch not so easy.

Therefore, prepare them mentally so that they are able to mix well with new classmates and settle in new environment quickly.

We send our kids for Financial Literacy workshops then, and they learn to seize opportunities, speak out for themselves, budgets their own pocket money, negotiate with us for time for studies, computer & watching TV, and more.

Don't just lament over the PSLE papers, many students are affected by the difficulty level, only those who are able to do more of these questions qualify to get A*.

Do let your children know that "The journey of Life" is more important than just the end results. And journey with them, and learn things together, it's much more interesting this way.

So all the best to all of your kids.

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PSLE Maths 2009 - Bicycle Race Question

Mei and Lin were in a bicycle race. Mei was traveling at a constant speed of 20km/hr and they both did not change their speed. When Lin completed half the race, Mei was 3.5km ahead. Mei completed the race at 10.45am.

What time did Lin complete the race?

Solution :

PSLE Maths 2009 - Renting Computers Question

Question :

PSLE Maths 2009 - Find the Angle Question

Question : Find the Angle

PSLE Maths 2009 - Chocolate Questions

Math 2009 - Jim & Ken chocolates Question :


Check out Solution by : Rason Lee
(Flash Movie)

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